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Alissa is nude beauty with blue eyes

Alissa from Zemani

This blue eyed babe Alissa is truly seductive and super cute girl. As she said she loves the sea and everything connected with it. Favorite dish of her are fishes and shrimps, she likes just laying on the beach or sea stones enjoying the sun and whispering of the blue ocean. It`s not surprise that her favorite colors are blue and green. What the chick loves the most is swimming in the see, especially without swimming suit.

Blonde model Alissa from website Zemani is girl with really fit young body. The beauty just went to the sea alone in the day of photographing this nude set. Firstly she just lays on sea stones to get some sun tan and listen the sound of sea. After while she took us to her secret favorite place. When we entered the cave far away from the public beach full of nudists blonde just took her swimsuit off and show us her wonderful body with nice big boobs. Alissa puts her pretty long legs in the cold water and just smile to the objective. She is super hot! In next moments the hottie open her damn long legs and decides to show us her perfectly shaved pussy. What a wonderful view in this cave paradise. Just look at the perfect bubble butt! Alissa is cute mermaid from the site Zemani.

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Erica is gorgeous brunette and has nice big boobs


I must admit that I have always found something special on girls with short hair, brunettes especially. It`s not just about the haircut. What can I say from my personal experience, they are usually pretty wild beauties. Lets checkout new lovely brunette called Erica from website Zemani. When we firstly spoke to Erica she said us that she loves being naked and just walking or running in the forest. Erica simply loves the nature and fresh air. So you can`t blame photographer for shooting the nude photo set with this beauty in the forest nearby river. It was just so natural. At the start of shooting this album Erica was quite a shy but you can definitely say she loves it.

The babe has pair of the most wonderful natural big breasts and pretty nipples you can see in the adult modeling business. Her nice young body is equipped by nice bubble butt too. You can`t find any piercings or tattoos on body of hers which is near perfection. The girl is really natural of itself.

The cutie also loves yoga training and we can say that she is pretty flexible too.

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