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Micheli Burate #2

Micheli BurateSweet and provocative. That is how the new Bella Club model describes herself when she’s trying to seduce someone. At 24, Micheli Burate says sex is a mix of inexplicable feelings in an essencial act for any love relationship. The brunette doesn’t rule out the possibility of kissing other women, even though she feels more attracted to men – preferably men who are safe about themselves and who know how to treat a woman, of course!

Bonus: Anielly Campos

The amazing Anielly Campos  returns to Bella Club with 5 bonus sections. The brand new pictures show the pretty model feeling comfy to the lenses of photographer Roberto Salgado.

At 22, Anielly has left a town called Rio Verde, in Brazil, to conquer the whole country with her green eyes, charming smile and an accent which is now a mix of several places. This is the first time she poses for a more daring photo shoot. The pictures show Anielly even sexier, hotter and prettier.

Manu Junkes on Bella Club

The new Bella Club model is full of ambitions, beauty and sensuality. At 22 years old, Manu Junkes has never kissed another woman – but she dreams with moments like that sometimes. ‘I wonder if its an unconscious desire…’ Besides singing and talking to herself when no one’s watching, Manu does things she’d rather keep private. The Brazilian natural is rarely bored in the bedroom, and feels the sexiest when she dresses teasing lingerie sets.

Emmanuelle Guimarães on Bella Club

The new Bella Club model is stunning! Brazilian babe Emmanuelle Guimarães studied Law and says she was inspired by eternal Emmanuelle Sylvia Kristel* while photographing to Bella Club. As if being inspired by the classic erotic movie wasn’t enough, the 28 year-old brunette enjoys taking decisions on a whym. Besides the piercing on her left nipple and the tattoos spreading all over her body, she has also added a little ‘art’ piece somewhere else. ‘Once I was in Amsterdam and one of the peep shows dancers inspired me. I put a piercing stud there. And I loved it!’ Check the photos below.

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Christmas Special Angélica Woicichoski Nude

Christmas 2012 Angélica Woicichoski – Here comes the first part of Bella Club Christmas Special. In the pictures, a hot and unforgettable blonde: Angelica Woicichoski! At 23 years old, she was so successful in Bella Club, but so successful, that she is now back even more impressive to spend the end of the year with you. Angelica loves sweets, studies Psychology and owns a charming smile. To her, Christmas is a synonym for union and the lingerie for the New Year is always white – preferably transparent and sexy! Can you imagine the ones she’s got at home?! Check the photos below!

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Yasmin Assis – Hottest Lolita on Bella Club

Explendid work! Bella Club has chosen the hottest Lolita from the South of Brazil to show you her best features along with sweetness, treats and sensuality! Yasmin Assis is a model since she were a little girl and now, with 19, she shows us why she’s come to stay. She, who has worked as a stage assistant for a Brazilian TV show and has won beauty contests in her hometown, wants to study Psycology and continue posing for advertising campaigns. Playing with our imagination is what she does best, though. For her, sex isn’t only good – it’s very good! See the photos below.

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Patricia Berlanda on Bella Club

Don’t even think of trying to get her by sending her kisses! The new Bella Club model sees it as one of the worse ways ever to try and impress her. In fact, she prefers men who are “polite, gentle and sincere.” Patricia Berlanda only recently has started in her modeling carreer. While she lapidates her way to stardom, the 22 year-old blonde works in a dental office. Has anyone there a bad toothache? Continue reading and see more photos!

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