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Sexy Patricia Ykko naked

Look what happens when a Japanese father and an Italian mother get together! Patricia Ykko, the new Bella Club model, is only 19 years old and is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her characteristic eyes and the preference for Oriental cuisine represent her father’s side, while her voluptuous body and sexiness come from the Italian blood. She has her own personality, though, just like any pretty Brazilian babe: Patricia loves being naked, says sex is amazing and has already kissed another woman. What a delicious combo! See the pics below!

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Christmas 2012 – Carla Viviane Nude

Christmas 2012 Carla Viviane – After seeing the pictures of beautiful Angelica Woicichoski, the model who completes the pair of our Christmas Special is a green-eyed babe. Wearing sexy costumes and interpreting a very hot helper, the second gift we have for you is amazing Carla Viviane – who will certainly make the temperatures rise all around the globe! Check the photos below.

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Sabrina Santos on Bella Club

Sabrina Santos is a spectacular brunette! The Brazilian model has done several jobs for TV and now comes to Bella Club full of energy. Besides modelling, Sabrina works as a nurse assistant. Some people here are already feeling a bit uneasy… In order ro keep her curves into place, the beauty weight lifts three times a week. The parts of her body she likes the most are her breasts and belly.

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Priscila Kaohana on Bella Club

The new model from Bella Club is killing us all! These curves are all natural and, to keep them all into place, Priscila Kaohana goes to the gym daily. Model since she was 8 years old, the brunette studies Nutrition and says that if she had special powers she would like to ´make people love each other more.´

If the 22 year-old babe will be able to cause that impact in the entire world we are not sure. But she has certainly convinced us of seeing her photos with lots of love in our hearts! (that counts, right?!)

Her full photo shoot will be avaliable tomorrow, June 1st. While, click on continue reading and see some exclusive photos for all the users of The Nudity!
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