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Bonus: Anielly Campos

The amazing Anielly Campos  returns to Bella Club with 5 bonus sections. The brand new pictures show the pretty model feeling comfy to the lenses of photographer Roberto Salgado.

At 22, Anielly has left a town called Rio Verde, in Brazil, to conquer the whole country with her green eyes, charming smile and an accent which is now a mix of several places. This is the first time she poses for a more daring photo shoot. The pictures show Anielly even sexier, hotter and prettier.

Manu Junkes on Bella Club

The new Bella Club model is full of ambitions, beauty and sensuality. At 22 years old, Manu Junkes has never kissed another woman – but she dreams with moments like that sometimes. ‘I wonder if its an unconscious desire…’ Besides singing and talking to herself when no one’s watching, Manu does things she’d rather keep private. The Brazilian natural is rarely bored in the bedroom, and feels the sexiest when she dresses teasing lingerie sets.

Niege Menegat nude on Bella Club

Rare beauty Niege Menegat in Bella Club! By looking into her cute little face you don’t tell she is naughty rather than angelical. At 24, the blue eyed babe knows how to tease even the strongest of men. For starters, when she is home alone she likes dancing. All naked! The Brazilian is turned on when dirty words are whispered in her ear and thinks it´s fun when other women try to take her into bed. Check the photos below.

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Suelen Carvalho on Bella Club

Can you imagine this chick dancing samba? Well, put your imagination to work! She is representing a samba group in Brazil called Mocidade this year, and after seeing her in Bella Club it is going to be impossible to ignore her during the Brazilian Carnival! At 25 Suelen Carvalho says there are some days in which she wakes up feeling ugly. We cannot believe she´s telling the truth, though. Her best spot, in her opinion, is her derrière. It gets special attention in her weight lifting routine – as if it were possible to make it even better… Check the photos below!

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Patricia Berlanda on Bella Club

Don’t even think of trying to get her by sending her kisses! The new Bella Club model sees it as one of the worse ways ever to try and impress her. In fact, she prefers men who are “polite, gentle and sincere.” Patricia Berlanda only recently has started in her modeling carreer. While she lapidates her way to stardom, the 22 year-old blonde works in a dental office. Has anyone there a bad toothache? Continue reading and see more photos!

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Brazilian babe Ana Karoline

Ana Karoline – At 20 years of age, the Bella Club model dreams about traveling the world and wants to work as an air hostess. Full of style, Ana Karoline says men should all be well-humoured and independent. She is shy, but when it comes to spicing things up in bed Ana appeals to her creativity. Oh, she speaks alone and confesses: is very stubborn! Well, we could talk nonstop about the daring-eyed brunette, but we guess it is better if you take your own conclusions…

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