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Micheli Burate posing nude in the bed on Bella Club

Micheli Burate 04

Micheli Burate is 24 years old brunette living in Florianopolis (South of the Brazil). She is attracted to the men and women. On the other hand, she say that prefers men who know how threat a woman (you know in bed and so). When she is alone in her bedroom and no one is watching, she applies body cream all over her perfect body and massage herself. It keeps her soft skin healthy and it`s also something that gives her pleasure. Especially massaging some private parts of her slim body. The beauty brunette Micheli Burate like jogging and fitness. As see said, Micheli feels sexy all the time, but where she feels the most sexiest is in the gym, when every one must stare on her perfect figure. The chick describe sex as an inexplicable mixture of lots of great feelings. She loves food and drinking fresh water. Her favorite color is definitely black.

This photo shooting for Bella Club is her first job in the business and she was just perfect. Everything was working well just like she was doing this all the time. Working with Micheli is so natural and easy.

What to say more? Just check out her perfect slim body, beautiful face, nice smile and gorgeous big boobs. You just must love her bubble butt, tight small shaved pussy and long legs. This women is godlike nature!

Micheli Burate on Bella Club

Micheli BurateSweet and provocative. That is how the new Bella Club model describes herself when she’s trying to seduce someone. At 24, Micheli Burate says sex is a mix of inexplicable feelings in an essencial act for any love relationship. The brunette doesn’t rule out the possibility of kissing other women, even though she feels more attracted to men – preferably men who are safe about themselves and who know how to treat a woman, of course!

Emmanuelle Guimarães on Bella Club

The new Bella Club model is stunning! Brazilian babe Emmanuelle Guimarães studied Law and says she was inspired by eternal Emmanuelle Sylvia Kristel* while photographing to Bella Club. As if being inspired by the classic erotic movie wasn’t enough, the 28 year-old brunette enjoys taking decisions on a whym. Besides the piercing on her left nipple and the tattoos spreading all over her body, she has also added a little ‘art’ piece somewhere else. ‘Once I was in Amsterdam and one of the peep shows dancers inspired me. I put a piercing stud there. And I loved it!’ Check the photos below.

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Christmas 2012 – Carla Viviane Nude

Christmas 2012 Carla Viviane – After seeing the pictures of beautiful Angelica Woicichoski, the model who completes the pair of our Christmas Special is a green-eyed babe. Wearing sexy costumes and interpreting a very hot helper, the second gift we have for you is amazing Carla Viviane – who will certainly make the temperatures rise all around the globe! Check the photos below.

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