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Alissa is nude beauty with blue eyes

Alissa from Zemani

This blue eyed babe Alissa is truly seductive and super cute girl. As she said she loves the sea and everything connected with it. Favorite dish of her are fishes and shrimps, she likes just laying on the beach or sea stones enjoying the sun and whispering of the blue ocean. It`s not surprise that her favorite colors are blue and green. What the chick loves the most is swimming in the see, especially without swimming suit.

Blonde model Alissa from website Zemani is girl with really fit young body. The beauty just went to the sea alone in the day of photographing this nude set. Firstly she just lays on sea stones to get some sun tan and listen the sound of sea. After while she took us to her secret favorite place. When we entered the cave far away from the public beach full of nudists blonde just took her swimsuit off and show us her wonderful body with nice big boobs. Alissa puts her pretty long legs in the cold water and just smile to the objective. She is super hot! In next moments the hottie open her damn long legs and decides to show us her perfectly shaved pussy. What a wonderful view in this cave paradise. Just look at the perfect bubble butt! Alissa is cute mermaid from the site Zemani.

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Manu Junkes on Bella Club

The new Bella Club model is full of ambitions, beauty and sensuality. At 22 years old, Manu Junkes has never kissed another woman – but she dreams with moments like that sometimes. ‘I wonder if its an unconscious desire…’ Besides singing and talking to herself when no one’s watching, Manu does things she’d rather keep private. The Brazilian natural is rarely bored in the bedroom, and feels the sexiest when she dresses teasing lingerie sets.

New sexy and naked Barbie in the private photo studio 2

We invited a new model to our private photo studio. This girl is like Barbie but more modern and without limits. She came to the studio in a mini white dress and on high heels. We piked a pink background on purpose. From the very first shoot Terra – that is her name, felt herself very comfortable and very soon slowly started undress. She sat on a white chair and took her white thongs off so we saw her magnificient pussy. After that she took everything off and showed us her tanned skin and breasts. Continue reading to see all her nudity photos.
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Naked brunette girl Dasha cleans her house naked

She started her every week cleaning late in the evening. Firstly she cleaned first level of her house and when she decided to clean the second one she felt herself very tired. She couldn’t walk more. The air was very stuffy. So she took her cloth off and lay on the stairs. Because of this we were able to see her figure and body. She even showed her pussy to us. She took her blue shawl and started playing with it. She touched with it every place of her body even her pussy. Continue reading to see all her nudity photos.
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Nude blonde with a good figure posing on the sea stone

The hot dark blonde April is naked on the beach. We can not say whether she purposely lost in the beach or she really lost. But the fact remains, she is in the middle of a beach sitting on a stone. Left alone a girl undressing, it still hot summer time. In her hands is just a blue scarf and nothing else on her body. April begins gently touch her body. She spreads her legs apart and shows us her pussy. This girl is beckoning us to touch her breasts and to stay longer with the girl. What can be better than wet blond? Her wet long hair touches her nipples. She is posing in the sea caves and stones. Continue reading to see all her nudity photos.
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Hot and naked blonde on the shore of the lake

Juli a young blonde undressing on the shore of the lake playing with a spray of water. The young and beautiful blonde Juli with long hair as a forest nymph appears on the lake completely alone. She is wearing yellow shawl as a skirt and white blouse. She wastes no time in vain. Elegantly get her cloth of and sniffs the flowers on the shore of the lake. Left completely naked and showing her beautiful body, her breasts, she starts to play with water spray. She really likes it and she decides to swim in cool water to cool down her hot desires. Continue reading to see all her nudity photos.
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