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Lady Gaga Naked In Hotel Room

Here’s something that will brighten up your day, a photo of Lady Gaga posing naked in a NY hotel room! Gaga is seen baring it all, leaving very little to the imagination.

If singing doesn’t workout for Lady Gaga she can always take up being a super sexy model, this would be a perfect cover shot for Playboy! We’d love for Hugh Hefner to make that happen!

Shauna Sand Having Sex on the Beach

Okay, with Shauna Sand, well, it’s hard to say she got caught having sex in public really since it’s hard to be ‘caught’ just kind of being herself.
Well, with a young Courtney Stodden seemingly replacing her in terms of raunchy photo shoots in Americana institutions, Shauna has had to step up her game with some dude on vacation in St. Barts. Apparently, the story goes, Shauna was getting frisky on the beach with her man when she noticed the paparazzi shooting her. And instead of telling the photog to go away, she gave the more Sand-worthy shoutout ‘Hey, why don’t you shoot this!’ and proceeded start making the naughty right there on the beach.

Now, everybody’s got a mother somewhere, and this being mother’s day week, and Shauna Sand being a mom herself, I’ll respectfully keep my own honest commentary to myself on this one. Continue reading and see all the photos! Continue reading