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Christmas 2012 – Carla Viviane Nude

Christmas 2012 Carla Viviane – After seeing the pictures of beautiful Angelica Woicichoski, the model who completes the pair of our Christmas Special is a green-eyed babe. Wearing sexy costumes and interpreting a very hot helper, the second gift we have for you is amazing Carla Viviane – who will certainly make the temperatures rise all around the globe! Check the photos below.

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Christmas Special Angélica Woicichoski Nude

Christmas 2012 Angélica Woicichoski – Here comes the first part of Bella Club Christmas Special. In the pictures, a hot and unforgettable blonde: Angelica Woicichoski! At 23 years old, she was so successful in Bella Club, but so successful, that she is now back even more impressive to spend the end of the year with you. Angelica loves sweets, studies Psychology and owns a charming smile. To her, Christmas is a synonym for union and the lingerie for the New Year is always white – preferably transparent and sexy! Can you imagine the ones she’s got at home?! Check the photos below!

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