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Micheli Burate posing nude in the bed on Bella Club

Micheli Burate 04

Micheli Burate is 24 years old brunette living in Florianopolis (South of the Brazil). She is attracted to the men and women. On the other hand, she say that prefers men who know how threat a woman (you know in bed and so). When she is alone in her bedroom and no one is watching, she applies body cream all over her perfect body and massage herself. It keeps her soft skin healthy and it`s also something that gives her pleasure. Especially massaging some private parts of her slim body. The beauty brunette Micheli Burate like jogging and fitness. As see said, Micheli feels sexy all the time, but where she feels the most sexiest is in the gym, when every one must stare on her perfect figure. The chick describe sex as an inexplicable mixture of lots of great feelings. She loves food and drinking fresh water. Her favorite color is definitely black.

This photo shooting for Bella Club is her first job in the business and she was just perfect. Everything was working well just like she was doing this all the time. Working with Micheli is so natural and easy.

What to say more? Just check out her perfect slim body, beautiful face, nice smile and gorgeous big boobs. You just must love her bubble butt, tight small shaved pussy and long legs. This women is godlike nature!

Alissa is nude beauty with blue eyes

Alissa from Zemani

This blue eyed babe Alissa is truly seductive and super cute girl. As she said she loves the sea and everything connected with it. Favorite dish of her are fishes and shrimps, she likes just laying on the beach or sea stones enjoying the sun and whispering of the blue ocean. It`s not surprise that her favorite colors are blue and green. What the chick loves the most is swimming in the see, especially without swimming suit.

Blonde model Alissa from website Zemani is girl with really fit young body. The beauty just went to the sea alone in the day of photographing this nude set. Firstly she just lays on sea stones to get some sun tan and listen the sound of sea. After while she took us to her secret favorite place. When we entered the cave far away from the public beach full of nudists blonde just took her swimsuit off and show us her wonderful body with nice big boobs. Alissa puts her pretty long legs in the cold water and just smile to the objective. She is super hot! In next moments the hottie open her damn long legs and decides to show us her perfectly shaved pussy. What a wonderful view in this cave paradise. Just look at the perfect bubble butt! Alissa is cute mermaid from the site Zemani.

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Clover the naughty Russian posing in the wooden hut


Today we have here on the nudity blog a special set of nude photos for all you guys who loves east European girls or pretty young girls with tight bodies in general. The petite girl of this post is called Clover and her body is just wow. The beauty is 24 years old and she is 164 cm tall.

Photos are taken in old and scary wooden cabin for only reason – photographer wanted to catch contrast between Clover`s young tight body full of beauty and old dirty wooden cabin which seems to be like from same horror movie. Yeah I know, you are now thinking what`s really happen there or may be could happen. Well the nude photos are quite speaking for itself.

Clover from website Watch for Beauty is showing you every detail of her gorgeous young and nude body. Perfect well formed ass and hips, petite boobies. Do you need anything more? I don`t think so. The scenario is just perfect. Young Russian goddess lays on the dirty floor and become acting pretty dirty herself. Clover spreads her log legs and show you her shaved hairless perfect pussy. It seems to be like some type nude invitation for some action, don`t you think?
These young Russian girls are always horny, believe me, they really are.

Erica is gorgeous brunette and has nice big boobs


I must admit that I have always found something special on girls with short hair, brunettes especially. It`s not just about the haircut. What can I say from my personal experience, they are usually pretty wild beauties. Lets checkout new lovely brunette called Erica from website Zemani. When we firstly spoke to Erica she said us that she loves being naked and just walking or running in the forest. Erica simply loves the nature and fresh air. So you can`t blame photographer for shooting the nude photo set with this beauty in the forest nearby river. It was just so natural. At the start of shooting this album Erica was quite a shy but you can definitely say she loves it.

The babe has pair of the most wonderful natural big breasts and pretty nipples you can see in the adult modeling business. Her nice young body is equipped by nice bubble butt too. You can`t find any piercings or tattoos on body of hers which is near perfection. The girl is really natural of itself.

The cutie also loves yoga training and we can say that she is pretty flexible too.

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Naughty Nici striptease in bathroom

Nici cover

Nici is 19 years old extraordinary exotic beauty living in wonderful country in Central Europe – Czech Republic. As you can read on the website Watch for Beauty the chick is partly Czech, partly Vietnamese and partly Chinese. She is about 157cm tall so we are talking here about quite short super hot girl. As Nici told us she lost her virginity when she was 14 years old. She likes to be kissed on the neck, the vanilla ice cream and she loves going to theater.

The tag (OMG – Oh My God) you can see on her shirt in this nude photo set is truly speaking for itself. Look at her getting her red t-shirt off and showing you beautiful natural boobs of hers. She let you watch her gorgeous bubble butt and quickly run to the bathroom. After slow stretching her tight body Nici puts down her panties too. She is now wearing just long socks. Then she just sit on the bathtub and spreads her long legs so you can see her shaved pussy pretty well. Don`t worry she will spread her pussy lips too, so you can see every detail of her beautiful young exotic body.

You must admit that this young exotic goddess has nice slim body and pretty face.

Paula Shy is Smiling Beauty

Paula Shy - cover

Beautiful and young brunette Paula Shy from Czech Republic is not just another random exotic babe you have met along the streets of this country. She truly is something special. Look at her – nice hair, deep eyes, pretty face and gorgeous fit young body. The girl has the most beautiful smile you can see, that`s for sure.

Paula wearing great black lingerie is just lying on the antic red chair and really enjoys her semi-nudity. After a while shy decides to show us the flexibility of her young body. When the babe spreads her long legs with transparent stockings you see everything in really interesting positions.

It`s quite mystery what`s the top part of her young nude body. Pretty perky breasts, small dark nipples, nice bubble butt, God damn long legs, deep brown eyes, long brown hair with dark red shadow or just the most wonderful smile you have ever seen?

Paula Shy is 22 years old and don`t let she confuse you the girls is not shy at all! Checkout her profile on site Watch for Beauty. She`s enjoying an erotic massage with another girl and show you how she masturbates with candies.

Ellen Sapori is nude on Bella Club

Ellen Sapori

Ellen Sapori is 20 years old adult model living in Pedro Leopoldo in Brazil. She started her model career quite early and as she said it was pretty easy and great fun. Since Ellen was very young she used to take pictures for shops in her town, and after hard working she became quite famous professional model. She loves clubs, pubs, dressing sexy lingerie, going to gym and wild nights in nightclubs. The girl dreams about her own TV show. Well I think it could by pretty spicy show with super model like Ellen. I can imagine moderating her some erotic talking show, full of nudity and erotic tension.

If I was asked to describe hot Ellen Sapori to any of my friends it should be something like gorgeous brunette with highlighted hair; the beauty with pretty face, delicious body and nice mystery smile. Speaking about her slim body Ellen has beautiful natural breasts, tight waist, very long legs and nice bubble butt. There is some interesting ink art with flower blooms on her shoulder and backs just above the pretties ass you can see.
Checkout the album of Ellen`s nude photos from website Bella Club. Laying on the bed and slowly stripping each piece of her clothes. Then naked Ellen bends over the bed and whispers “Are you horny as I am?”. Well she is definitely not shy.

Hanner Leão on Bella Club

Hanner LeãoHanner Leão – She’s 21 years old, and in this brand new Bella Club photo shoot she teases even the strongest of men with her Lolita style and the attitude of an experienced woman. In the pictures, Hanner Leao gets dirty with condensed milk, playing with our imagination while using her natural curves and daring eyes.


Rafaela Didea on Bella Club

Rafaela DideaThe new Bella Club model is pure romance! Brazilian natural, Rafaela Didea says she always gives it 100% when she is in love. The 26 year-old blonde has also given it all to our lenses, which reveal a daring babe wearing lots of transparencies.

Micheli Burate #2

Micheli BurateSweet and provocative. That is how the new Bella Club model describes herself when she’s trying to seduce someone. At 24, Micheli Burate says sex is a mix of inexplicable feelings in an essencial act for any love relationship. The brunette doesn’t rule out the possibility of kissing other women, even though she feels more attracted to men – preferably men who are safe about themselves and who know how to treat a woman, of course!